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Troubleshooting the Network Configuration

We occasionally get support requests for people setting up the Network for Punch Clock.  The reports we get include, but are not limited to:


  • We get a runtime error when we attempt to save information in Punch Clock.
  • We get a "Database in use" error when starting Punch Clock.
  • We get a "Runtime error '-2147467259 (80004005)': operation must use an updateable query" when trying to save data
  • Users can seemingly punch in, but not punch out
  • We get a "Database not found" when mapping to the location where the database does exist.
  • If someone is in the admin console, noone else can Punch In.

The above errors are all due to the Network Share not being configured correctly.  Here are the things that you should check to ensure they are configured correctly:


1) The network share should be configured as "FULL ACCESS" for the users who will be using it.  To test, users should be able to create a file on the share, edit the file, and then delete the file.


2) Verify that the PunchClock.mdb file itself has the correct security.   The most common issue we see is when the database file itself does not inherit the security from the share itself.

Version - 4.1.0 - Released 6/26/2013

Newest updates include:

  • Quickbooks Integration
  • - Export timesheet reports directly to Quickbooks
  • Added new security options for adding timesheets
  • New internal structure for database handling
  • Misc. Tweaks and changes
NOTE - If you are a current owner of punch clock and want to upgrade to this new version, please know that it is not a free update. This is a significant upgrade to our code base and requires a new license fee. If you wish to upgrade your old version of Punch Clock to this new one, you will need to purchase a new licence at full cost. This is not a free upgrade.

Free Download of Punch Clock
You can download a fully functional version of Punch Clock to evaluate free of charge.  When you are done testing, you can upgrade to a licensed version without losing your data.  There is NO OBLIGATION for using the FREE EVALUATION of Punch Clock.