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VPN Edition

Punch Clock Network+VPN is needed when you have network users connecting to your network over a WAN or VPN.

For each "leg" or "segment" that connects to the network, there is an additional licensing fee.  This fee only applies if there will be employees using Punch Clock from the network segment.

For example, let's say you have an 3 offices, and all of the offices are connected via a WAN (wide area network).  If employees from both of the external offices will also be using Punch Clock, then 2 additional VPN segment licenses need to be added.  If there are 2 offices connected, and only 1 of them has employees who will be using Punch Clock, only one is needed.

This version of Punch Clock includes, by default, a network license so employees can punch in/out from any terminals on the network that are running Punch Clock.

Punch Clock - VPN Edition
Edition: Network + VPN License
Max. # of Employees: Unlimited
Networkable? Yes.  Yes. No limit for 1 physical business location.
Price: $269 (includes 30 days full support and upgrades)
  $50 for each additional network segment.

Please note: Product is delivered by DOWNLOAD ONLY. There is no physical product shipped.

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Price: $269.00
External Connections:
? ($50.00)
Add 1 year of support/upgrades: ? ($69.00)

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Free Download of Punch Clock
You can download a fully functional version of Punch Clock to evaluate free of charge. When you are done testing, you can upgrade to a licensed version without losing your data. There is NO OBLIGATION for using the FREE EVALUATION of Punch Clock.